Our Innovative solutions services help organizations think outside the box to tackle talent management and organizational challenges that slow down business growth.

Grounded in our evidence-based ACE framework, our solutions are customized to align with strategic business goals and designed to position the organization for sustainable growth.  Our expert problem solvers work with leaders to diagnose issues, identify root causes, implement solutions and measure results.

We focus relentlessly on:

  • Alignment:  Articulating purpose,  strategy and values, building strategic metrics, creating compelling employer brand, and aligning roles and goals with the agreed upon strategy
  • Capabilities:  Building leader and other organizational  capabilities that accelerate execution.
  • Engagement:  Enhancing employee engagement beyond traditional approaches by incorporating employee fulfillment.
  • Impact:  Measuring linkage of alignment, capabilities and engagement efforts to organizational results.

Explore our areas of expertise in transforming to a high performance culture.

Ensuring Alignment

In today’s fast-moving marketplace, organizational alignment and agility are key.  We have a proven process for ensuring your organization is continuously aligned, synchronized and agile.

We help leaders through a process that will ensure alignment and synchronization of contributors, work units, systems and goals around an integrated interpretation of the business strategy and core values.  The process involves building alignment in an agile fashion, allowing the organization to subsequently realign more easily to changing conditions, while simultaneously maintaining focus.

Our areas of expertise in ensuring organizational alignment and agility include:

  • Strategy mapping
  • Executive team alignment
  • Scenario planning
  • Balanced scorecards/strategic metrics
  • Employer branding and employer value propositions
Building Capabilities

Metrus has developed a philosophy and tools that can create the right capabilities for innovation and drive the speed of execution.  We help you cut through the complexity to close capability gaps and ensure your organization has the competencies, information and resources needed to meet customer expectations.

Our areas of expertise in building capabilities include:

  • Leadership development
  • Executive mentoring and coaching
  • Talent strategies planning
  • Inclusive innovation and agility
  • Team effectiveness
  • Performance Management


Boosting Talent Acquisition and Employee Retention

A disciplined process for defining its talent value proposition, together with communicating the proposition both in and outside the company, helped this client differentiate itself from the competition and improve its recruiting process.

Medical Technology and Devices

Closing the Gap in Essential Leadership Capabilities

The development and implementation of customized training programs for decision making and problem solving together with train-the-trainer tools enhanced the capabilities and alignment of this client’s high potential leaders, powering their ability to motivate and train others in important skills.

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