Many organizations are using talent analytics to set priorities, allocate limited resources, and connect human capital investments to business results.  Smart strategic talent analytics are changing succession plans, leader development, performance management, customer satisfaction and productivity.  With a focus on the right analytics, organizations have the ability to measure and manage talent more effectively and link people practices to profit, customer satisfaction, and employee turnover.

Our analytic services help organizations reveal root causes and understand risk.  Our analyses include:

  • Turnover analysis.  Turnover analysis allows leadership to make the changes needed to retain employees and reduce customer service and productivity disruptions, as well as dollar costs, associated with turnover.  Metrus can investigate the root causes of turnover, potential fixes and the ROI of each of those fixes.  This may include assessments of former employees, exit interviews, and other predictive data.
  • Employer brand attractiveness.  Insights into brand attractiveness make it easier to attract and retain the best talent who will contribute most to the company’s bottom line.  Metrus can assess how employer brand attributes make a difference in hiring and the attributes that would most enhance talent acquisition.
  • New hire success.  Knowing the factors that contribute to new hire success reduces the costs associated with onboarding and training, as well as the ongoing problems that arise from short-staffing due to new hire turnover.  Most new hires decide in the first month or two if they are likely to stay in an organization.  Metrus has a unique way of looking at the effectiveness of new hire acculturation that allows the organization time to implement actions to retain valuable new hires.
  • Performance inhibitors.  The factors that inhibit performance are many and varied.  Metrus can analyze quantitative and qualitative data that your organization already has from employee surveys, as well as conduct targeted pulse surveys and focus groups so that leadership can definitively answer, “What are the critical factors holding back performance in our organization?”
  • Diversity and inclusion analysis.  Are certain populations stalling out in your organization (e.g. minorities, women)?  Metrus can identify root causes of diversity and inclusion issues and advise a path forward so that commitments of boards or senior leadership can be realized.
  • Ethics risks.  Ever since Sarbanes-Oxley, many organizations have done some ethics or code of conduct measurement, but often do not organize their data in a way that helps decision-making.  It is not only the questions you ask, but also the way in which that information is analyzed, reported and linked to other business metrics that allows leadership the foresight to avoid problems and “do well by doing good.”
  • Labor relations.  Metrus can help with assessments of organizing risks, prediction of contract ratification voting, and help to improve labor-management relations by identifying areas of common ground and advising organizational change efforts.
  • Analytics thinking.  Metrus offers webinars, workshops, training and coaching to internal teams that are wrestling with analytics issues.

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Quick Serve Restaurant

Using Talent Analytics for Improved Business Performance

A strategic employee survey process designed to assess and track employee Alignment, Capabilities and Engagement, and link people issues to business outcomes, launched workforce optimization strategies for this client. Result: a 32% reduction in customer complaints, a 25% reduction in turnover and a 30% increase in revenue.

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