Metrus is one of the leading firms in the areas of designing an effective strategy and building strategic measures that create focus and alignment, as discussed in our book, Bullseye:  Hitting Your Strategic Targets Through High Impact Measurement.  Our services range from designing functional dashboards and corporate scorecards to creating measurement-managed organizations that achieve break-through performance.  Our approach focuses on the critical few performance factors that drive success.  We eliminate non-essential metrics that add complexity and cost through a four-phased approach.

  1. Define the strategy – develop a strategic model showing linkage between business results and key business drivers
  2. Develop strategic measures – define a limited set of key performance measures that reflect the strategy
  3. Cascade the measures – communicate the strategy and measures through the organization
  4. Continuous Improvement – monitor, review and evaluate performance

The benefits of using the right metrics, strategy maps and a well-designed scorecarding process include:

  • Buy-in at multiple levels to the strategy
  • Crystal clear focus for the leadership team and others in the organization
  • Effective mechanism to translate and communicate strategy to the workforce
  • Centerpiece to building a highly effective performance management system
  • Accelerates strategy execution and transformations


Medicare Administrative Contractor

Building and Executing a Winning Strategy for Growth

Strategy sessions were conducted to redefine the core business strategy for expansion into new markets, design and implement a balanced scorecard, and establish a regular review process for tracking strategy execution. Together, this provided a foundation for the client to expand into new markets and earned them a “Best Practices” designation from APQC.

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