The Metrus Group approach uses our proven strategic survey framework and state-of-the-art survey methodologies, and is customized to meet the needs of your business, your workforce and your strategic plan. It will reveal strengths to build upon as well as the drivers of issues and challenges which must be addressed in order to sustain and grow your organization’s value.

Metrus Group surveys are designed to aid you in:

  • Measuring and managing workforce effectiveness, service quality and customer satisfaction
  • Extracting crucial information from your workforce that will enable you to make strategic business decisions
  • Analyzing and identifying key issues for action that leads to targeted solutions for improved employee engagement, performance, customer satisfaction and sustainable growth

Metrus Group diagnostics include:

  • A core focus on strategic alignment, critical capabilities and engagement
  • Survey analytics that connect people issues with business outcomes such as financial performance, retention, customer satisfaction and productivity
  • Easy-to-use, web-based reporting and analytic tools, providing a roadmap for focused follow-up and action

Explore our suite of surveys and see how Metrus Group can help your organization unleash talent for optimal performance!

ACE Employee

The innovative ACE Employee Survey unleashes the full power of information that is available from your workforce by using an enhanced employee engagement model that measures all three key talent factors — Alignment, Capabilities and Engagement.

This evidence-based approach to employee surveys is strategically designed to connect people issues to critical business outcomes, such as financial performance, retention, customer satisfaction and productivity. The survey includes our comprehensive ACE Scorecard® to quickly pinpoint strengths and opportunities throughout your organization and provide a path for corrective action.

Metrus Group’s breakthrough ACE Employee Surveys and Scorecards are the foundation for creating the high performing ACE environment needed to outperform your competition.

Voice of the Customer
(Internal Stakeholders)

Optimizing the value proposition of your department or function is proven to raise productivity, improve quality, drive down costs and enhance the value of other internal groups. Since your stakeholders are the ultimate judge of value, it is imperative to know how each service and program adds (or subtracts) value in their eyes, as well as what changes will most enhance the value you deliver.

Our Voice of the Customer survey enables internal service providers to truly understand the business needs of its stakeholders, closely align with its stakeholders’ priorities, and be reliable, proactive, and innovative.

Our trusted advisors work with you to assess the current value of the service you provide, identify opportunities for improvement, and develop a customized solution that offers practical tools and skills development in such areas as strategic goal alignment, effective communication, critical conversations, innovation and perspective-taking.

Pulse Surveys

Healthy organizations begin with and are sustained by a steady and strong people pulse. Metrus Group Pulse Surveys can include a wide range of options with brief, targeted questionnaires.

They can be:

  • A short diagnostic in which your entire workforce participates
  • A targeted set of items that can be distributed to a particular division, function or business unit
  • A “periodic pulse” survey to a representative sample of the population on a recurring basis

Metrus Group will analyze the strength of your company’s pulse today and prescribe the strategies and tactics for securing the information you need to make important business decisions.

Client / Member

Your clients, customers and members are demanding more from their suppliers every day. Do you have the data needed for making informed business decisions to meet such demands? Metrus Group can help you understand, and respond to, your stakeholders’ needs and expectations, and in doing so create loyal and productive relationships.

We use customized diagnostic tools such as client surveys, focus groups and individual interviews to gain key insights into your stakeholders’ perceptions.

Using client surveys, we identify opportunities to strengthen the service relationship with your stakeholders, address unmet needs and identify ways to increase value. Our team is available to provide insights and help revise strategies and tactics that will enable you to achieve higher customer loyalty and retention.

Analytics & Action

The true power of a survey lies not just in the insights that it provides, but also the improvements in your organization that can be made based on its results. Regardless of the survey instrument used, Metrus Group experts can help address the people issues identified in your survey through a quality survey follow up and action process that includes powerful analytics and manager training.

Our innovative survey follow-up services include:

  • Predictive analytics to identify and target the people programs that most impact business outcomes
  • Feedback and action training workshops for managers that drive accountability – and impact
  • Follow-up focus groups and interviews to explore specific issues and develop solutions
  • Leadership development and coaching to tackle managerial blind spots
  • Tools and resources to effectively implement and track improvement initiatives
Specialty Surveys

We are more than just an employee survey provider. We go beyond employee surveys to also offer a full suite of state-of-the-art specialty surveys designed to assess and solve an array of organizational and business issues that negatively affect the employee experience and company culture. Our specialty surveys can be customized to address your organization’s specific challenges.

The suite includes:

  • Code of Conduct Surveys
  • Diversity & Inclusion Surveys
  • Ethical Practices Surveys
  • Employee Lifecycle Surveys: Onboarding through Exit
  • Fulfillment Assessments
  • Safety Culture Surveys

Quick Serve Restaurant

Using Talent Analytics for Improved Business Performance

A strategic employee survey process designed to assess and track employee Alignment, Capabilities and Engagement, and link people issues to business outcomes, launched workforce optimization strategies for this client. Result: a 32% reduction in customer complaints, a 25% reduction in turnover and a 30% increase in revenue.


Building a High-Performance Culture

A three-year, multi-part journey paved the road for this client’s transformation into a high ACE organization. Steps in the journey involved a strategic employee survey process that included interim tracking of priority improvement areas, as well as follow up and action planning activities focused on the drivers of employee Alignment, Capabilities and Engagement.

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