Internal Value Acceleration is an approach to identifying and enhancing the departmental deliverables that have the most value to stakeholders and the greatest business impact.  Studies we have conducted through the Metrus Institute have revealed that organizations that increase value have higher budgets, more influence with senior leadership and strong advocates in the organization.

Simply put, Internal Value Acceleration (IVA) increases the effectiveness of both what you do (core deliverables) and how you do it (service dimensions)—two important factors that drive internal value and determine how well your organization is positioned to drive growth.

Our comprehensive IVA process includes:

  • Internal value measurement to get a clear understanding of the needs and expectations of stakeholders.  This includes a broad stakeholder survey to measure the voice of the customer, interviews with key leaders, and a self-assessment and ACE Audit for your function.
  • Advanced analytics and interpretation, including value driver analysis, service gap analysis, benchmarking and our proprietary ACE Scorecard® highlighting your team’s Alignment, Capabilities and Engagement.
  • Prioritization and action to analyze root causes, set priorities and implement value-enhancing change.

Internal Value Acceleration will:

  • Improve understanding of internal service strengths and opportunities
  • Better align departmental initiatives with company strategy
  • Identify top drivers of internal value
  • Assist in the design and implementation of initiatives that will have the greatest positive impact on the business

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