The President of this Medicare claims processor was interested in diversifying the company’s revenue base beyond Medicare, which required solidifying the core business strategy while developing a strategy for expanding into new markets.

The Approach

In several Metrus -facilitated strategy sessions, the leadership team came together to agree on the core business strategy and the new markets strategy.  Using Metrus-supplied criteria, the team was next able to identify a limited set of measures for a ‘Balanced Scorecard’ they could use to track strategy execution.

To align the entire organization behind the strategy, Metrus conducted train-the-trainer sessions to prepare employees to facilitate and assist the departments in developing supporting strategies and measures.  A quarterly review process was established to enable both the leadership team and departments to track and measure strategy execution.


With a solid strategy in place, communicated and supported by department strategies, the client was successful in expanding and diversifying its business into new markets.  The head of the organization was promoted as a result.  The organization was selected as a “Best Practice” example in a national study conducted by the American Productivity and Quality Center on creating a strategy that promotes alignment, agility and accountability.