Results from a Metrus employee survey helped this pharmaceutical company understand the challenges it faced hiring and retaining talent, particularly in the company’s European locations.  If it wanted to improve hiring and retention, the company clearly needed to better define its brand and things that distinguished it from the competition.

The Approach

Working with a cross-functional project team that had been charged with defining the company’s talent value proposition, Metrus Group conducted interviews, focus groups, and brief surveys with new hires, current employees, senior leaders, former employees, and recruiting firms to gather insights on how the company was perceived.

Through facilitated sessions, Metrus Group guided the project team in analyzing the feedback and using customized templates and tools to define talent value proposition messages that could differentiate the company.  Metrus also provided recommendations to the project team on how to further develop these differentiators and communicate them to the marketplace and to existing employees.


As a result of Metrus Group’s disciplined approach to building a talent value proposition, this client was able to define five key talent value proposition messages that differentiate it from the competition and revamp its recruiting process to highlight these messages.  The new approach to communicating the value proposition inside and outside the company improved hiring as well as retention of the company’s existing workforce.

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