In recognition of the many changes to our lives that have resulted from COVID-19, Metrus Group is now making available a series of three 90-minute online workshops that include the elements of the Fulfilled program that are most relevant for this time.  We recognized that the skills and tools covered in Fulfilled! are many of the same capabilities that people need as they address the change and uncertainties that we are all facing in 2020.

We want to make this available to individuals, to enable them to manage through this time more successfully.  Work life and non-work life have become integrated like never before; these programs will offer ways to effectively deal with the “new normal”

The initial program series will be offered October 20, 27 and November 10.  Use the links below to learn more about the program, or to register.  Workshops are being offered at an introductory price, and participants who register for all three programs will receive a further package discount.  Please contact us directly to discuss bringing a customized version in house.

Click HERE for more information about the program.

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Reinventing Yourself

Reskilling Yourself

Reimagining Yourself

Three-Program Package


The Beyond Engagement to Fulfillment workshop is a skill-based learning process that helps employees and leaders to integrate the competing work and life components that create conflicts and barriers to their optimal levels of balance, happiness, and productivity.  This process aligns what matters to the organization with what matters to individuals.  It enables individuals to take responsibility to manage and integrate the work and non-work components of their lives more effectively.

This benefits organizations and their employees by aligning individual and organizational goals and values, increasing critical capabilities needed to be successful in today’s fast paced world, and leveraging the passion within people – making choices by design and intention, rather than by default.

What is Fulfillment?

Fulfillment is the highest level of engagement.  It goes beyond the satisfaction, enthusiasm, motivation, commitment, and advocacy components of engagement to a condition where employees feel a sense of accomplishment, balance, impact, and happiness that increases retention.  Fulfillment emerges through integration of work and non-work into a comprehensive plan to enable mastery and productivity over the multiple, seemingly competing areas of one’s life.

Fulfillment doesn’t just happen – it requires a clear vision, the ‘right’ capabilities, and specific skills that enable employees to take greater control over their performance and development.  Metrus can help your employees become fulfilled through a systematic training that has been adapted from our research based, award-winning approach to talent management.

Goals of the Program

Higher alignment, capabilities, and engagement which drive fulfillment, performance, and retention:

  • Integration of individual and organizational goals and priorities
  • Self-Ownership of development plans related to career, performance, and engagement goals
  • Adaptability to effectively manage in an environment of continual change
  • Resilience to setbacks and unplanned events
  • Mindfulness at work and at home
  • Openness to risks in learning new things – overcoming fear of failure
  • Stress, energy, and time management

Program Outline

1 – Envisioning: The Discovering Process

Without a clear foundation, it’s nearly impossible to achieve progress. Participants will establish their values and life vision foundation, allowing them to identify gaps between current and envisioned goals.

2 – Blueprinting: Alignment of Organizational and Personal Goals

Participants will create an actionable and strategic life goal map, starting with actions they can take today through intermittent goals on the way to success. This map is then turned into a strategic scorecard for measuring progress

3 – Increasing Resilience: Managing Stress, Energy, and Time

After introducing the topic of resilience, participants will learn about stress and burnout in the workplace and how to combat them, how to manage the four areas of daily energy, and track time to create higher efficiency in daily tasks.

4 – Applying Resilience: Overcoming Setbacks

Armed with the life goal map and a handful of resilience skills, participants will choose one aspect of their plan and imagine it suffers a setback. Using their new tools they will demonstrate grit by creating a new plan to get around their setback.

5 – Applying Resilience: Resilience Skills to Overcome Setbacks

Participants will learn additional resilience skills such as: reframing negative perceptions, turning fear and failure into stepping stones instead of stumbling blocks, and understanding how to develop a strong network and team of believers.

6 – Embedding New Behaviors: Momentum and Sustainability

Leveraging their blueprint and newly learned skills, participants will make their plan a reality, and they will learn to sustain their new initiatives through implementation intentions, celebrating wins, connecting work and life, and finding ways to give back to others.

Included in the Complete Fulfillment Workshop:

  • Follow-up Measurements

  • The book, Fulfilled! Critical Choices

  • Facilitated Learning Sessions

  • Self-Assessments

  • Workbook Tools

  • Action Plan

  • Optional: Individual or Team Coaching

Customized Solutions

Because each organization is unique and faces different challenges within its culture and type of workforce, Metrus offers customized approaches to fit your needs and accommodate the programs you may already have in place.

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